Saturday, 27 August 2016

Working as a Team

This week in Room 15 we have started working on activities in teams.  Mrs Belt picks the teams for us and we try to remember these main things:

Working in a team means being kind to all members of our team

Working in a team means we share with our team

Working in a team means we listen to the ideas of others

Working in a team means we are supportive of our team and other teams

We really enjoyed the activities this week and we are looking forward to completing more activities in teams (hopefully outside in the sunshine) next week.  Check out how engaged all the learners were in our team challenges today:

Friday, 26 August 2016

Week 5: Star writers

In Room 15 we've been doing some great writing and each week Mrs Belt is going to select two pieces of writing to share on our class blog.  This weeks star writers are Ozzy and Julia.

Valerie Adams does the shot put and she won the gold and silver  medal.   She won the gold medal in 2008 in London and won the silver medal in 2016 in Rio. One of her throws was disqualified because she stepped out of the circle. Valerie has big strong muscles to throw a long way. 
Julia's blog post is available here

If you go fishing at the beach you will need to buy five sunscreen. You have to take your life jacket and a fish ruler to measure the fish. When you catch a fish you will have to put it in the bucket  with ice and you will have to get some of the saltwater. You will need to put your glove on. When you hold the fish with your fish glove you will need to put a wet towel under the fish so it doesn't get bad. It is important  to make sure  the seagulls do not eat the plastic. Take the plastic away from the seagulls and if you see plastic in the water you will need to get it. In the water scare the seagull and do not kill it with a bucket of water.  Only scare it with your water blaster gun if you have one scare it.
Ozzy's blog post is available here

Friday, 19 August 2016

Cross Country Superstars

Well done to all the stars of Room 15 for their great performance in the Cross Country this afternoon.  We've been talking about being "Champions" in class and it was great to see the effort and "never give up" attitude this afternoon.  Super effort everyone!  Mrs Belt is super proud of everyone!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Going for Gold .... on PENN

Today Room 15 were the stars on PENN.  Our movie this term highlights the importance of striving for our own gold medal and shows some of the things we have been learning during our Kiwisport Get Set Go session.

What are you doing to challenge yourself and reach gold?

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Blog Commenting Challenge in Room 15

I hope all families and whanau are enjoying the Olympics Coverage.  We are certainly enjoying learning more about it in Room 15 and posting our learning to our blogs.  Many of our friends and whanau have embraced the blog commenting challenge we have running Room 15.  Check out the progress here.  The challenge lasts the whole term so I encourage all families to keep checking out our blogs (links on the left of our class blog) and commenting - its great to see the excitement of the learners in our class when they see another comment!!

This is the results as at the end of Week 3 ... but still 6 weeks to go!!