Thursday, 30 April 2015

Basketball Brilliance

Today was our first Kiwisport session focusing on basketball.  We had lots of fun learning how to dribble the ball, roll the ball and catch the ball.  Our coaches had fun activities to help us practice these skills.

We finished our session with some great relays to further practice the skills we had learnt.  We were encouraged to cheer for our team mates and support each other as we tried to be super fast with our rolling and dribbling.

Welcome to our new learners

Over the last week we have welcomed four new learners to Room 19.   They have settled in well to Pt England and are learning the Pt England Way.

We hope you enjoy seeing the learning that Ana, Siosiua, Aniqua & Aaron do in Room 19, along with the rest of our wonderful Room 19 learners.





Remembering Anzac Day with Team 1

Last Friday we joined with the other classes from Team 1 to remember Anzac Day.  We gathered together in Room 19 and watched a video that gave us some information about why this day is special and the significance of poppies.

We talked about what we had learnt from the video before heading outside under the trees.   We finished our special time by enjoying an Anzac Cookie after we'd said a special karakia.  It was great to remember this special occasion with the rest of the Year 1 learners.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Enjoying our Learning Space

Mrs Belt made a few changes to Room 19 over the holidays and we've been really enjoying the new spaces when we are doing our learning.  At times Mrs Belt gives us choices of where we can work and today some of us took advantage of our huge floor rug, our foam mat and the two couches when we were completing our activities.

Jordan enjoyed reading on the couch

Riverson & Hendrix enjoyed building blocks on the foam mat

Donya enjoyed sitting on our carpet rug

As did this group of learners

Eva, Brittany & Jezer enjoyed working on the blue couch

Monday, 20 April 2015

Term 2 - Technology!

Welcome back to Pt England for Term 2!  This term, the whole school focus is Technology - a chance for us all to be creative and there are some great topics being explored.

Once again we had our immersion assembly to kick start the learning.  The Team 1 topic is:

How can we make our lunchboxes healthier and reduce waste?

To introduce this topic, the teachers from Team One made some wonderful platters of sandwiches, carrots and celery to pass around during the assembly!  We were lucky in Room 19 to have some left overs to munch on throughout the day!

We look forward to sharing our learning with you over the coming weeks as we use technology to answer our topic question!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Happy Holidays from Room 19

Room 19 had a great last day of the term, finishing our Easter baskets and working on Easter cards to take home.

If any of the learners from Room 19 would like to participate in the Pt England School blog challenge over the holidays, you can email photos, drawings or stories to Mrs Belt (  Because we do not have individual blogs yet, Mrs Belt will put them on the class blog and ensure they are entered in the competition.

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday and Mrs Belt can't wait to see you back in Term 2.

Tuakana teina with the Year 7s

Today we had eight wonderful Year 7 students in our classroom for maths.  We were using Explain Everything to order our numbers from 1 to 10 and then counting objects and taking photos to show our understanding of the numbers.

It was great to have these older learners with us and Room 19 found them great to work with, as they helped us with our maths activities.

When we had finished our maths activities, we really enjoyed making towers and creations from our polydron and blocks.  The year 7s had some amazing ideas and showed us how to build rockets and towers.  We'd really like to have these wonderful seniors visit us again in Room 19 some time soon!