Saturday, 27 August 2016

Working as a Team

This week in Room 15 we have started working on activities in teams.  Mrs Belt picks the teams for us and we try to remember these main things:

Working in a team means being kind to all members of our team

Working in a team means we share with our team

Working in a team means we listen to the ideas of others

Working in a team means we are supportive of our team and other teams

We really enjoyed the activities this week and we are looking forward to completing more activities in teams (hopefully outside in the sunshine) next week.  Check out how engaged all the learners were in our team challenges today:


  1. KIA Ora Room 15 my name is Solomone and im a year six fro Ruapotaka school and i really like how you work together its really cool good job.

  2. KIA ORA my name is Chris and I am a yr 6 student at Edmund Hillary School.I really liked how you worked as a team to figure out the answer to your activity. Well done guys.


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