Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Unpacking our knowledge

As part of our inquiry topic, today we talked about how we get things.  Mrs Belt is trying a new technique to capture our responses as we like to all share.  Click on the dots in the photo below to see what we all think!

Our first question was "What do we do if we want/need something?"

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Meeting Harold

Room 19 had their last session in the Life Education Classroom with Harold on Friday.  We learnt about the different foods we can eat for each meal to make us healthy, strong and give us energy.

The learners in Room 19 were particularly excited to pat Harold at the end of the session, and Mrs Belt captured this on camera!  We will be writing some stories for our individual blogs this week - check them out later in the week!

Celebrating Classroom success

Congratulations to Anthony and Gabriel who received certificates at Friday's Team 1 assembly for some great work in the classroom this week!

Team 1 is focusing on the following things this week:

Champions never give up. 
Be kind to our friends 
Look after school property
Wait patiently

Who will earn the certificates in Room 19 next week?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Amazing Mathematicians!

Mrs Belt is really excited to share some of the amazing work our learners did today in maths!  We are learning about subtraction and used bugs and bears to help us with our learning.





Cross Country Training

Room 19 is joining the whole of Team 1 in preparing for the Cross Country later this term.   Most days after morning tea we go for a run around the fields.  We are learning to run slowly (or jog) to pace ourselves so we last the whole distance.

After we run, we do some stretches before we go back to class.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Our first visit to Harold

Today Room 19 visited Harold in his mobile classroom!  We had a great session and learnt about what foods were healthy to eat and what happens to our food when we eat it.  We all enjoyed learning from Lynn and Harold and can't wait for our next lesson later this week.

When we were back in class we wrote a short story about some of the things we learnt.

"We went into Harold's classroom, and we learnt healthy food makes us strong."

Monday, 20 July 2015

Our Holidays

It was great to hear what the learners in Room 19 did over the holidays during writing time today.  Here are a few of the exciting things that were shared:

"I played rugby with my big brother."

I went to the shop and bought a Christmas tree."

"I went to the pools with my Aunty and Uncle."

"I wrote a diary about my holiday."

"I played games with my brother."

"I went to my Nana's."

"I went to my cousins birthday at Rainbows End."

"I went to the movies."

"I went to the beach."

"I drew pictures with my Mum."

"I played with my friends at the park."

It definitely sounds like some great experiences.  We are looking forward to writing about new experiences this term in Room 19.  

The first of these comes tomorrow when we get to visit Harold in the Life Education van for the first time.

Welcome back to Term 3

We kicked off the term with another terrific Pt England School immersion assembly!   It was fun to hear what each Team is going to be looking at this term, and be introduced to our school wide inquiry topic:

Trade & Enterprise

Team 1 will be going to market this term!  Our learners will be earning spending money in class to spend at our end of term market.  We will also be planning and producing things to sell at the market!  Our immersion movie shows the Team 1 teachers going to the market at the netball courts near Stonefields.

We're looking forward to an exciting term of learning and hope you enjoy following our journey on the blog!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Highlights of our Term

Mrs Belt has been very busy updating our individual blogs with some examples of the things we've been doing this term!  Here are a few of the stunning images we've created using Kid Pix on the computers.  Check out what else we've been doing on our individual blogs - the links are on the right of our class blog!



Exciting Lunchboxes

As the end of the term fast approaches, we are finishing off our Tinkering, Tools & Toys topic!  Today we put all our great learning to use and used our iPads to draw a healthy lunchbox.  It was great to see the learners use the shapes that we have been talking about all term - triangle, square, rectangle and circle and put healthy food in their lunch boxes!

We are getting really good at using Explain Everything and all the tools that are available to us.

Mrs Belt has chosen a few pictures to showcase on our blog:



Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Thank you Duffy Books!

Room 19 really enjoyed getting their Duffy Books today!  We were all very excited and spent the last part of the day reading our books!

We really enjoy reading in Room 19 so its great to have something special to read and share with our whanau!

Thank you Duffy Books!

Mele's glasses!

Mele has a new pair of pink glasses which she wore for the first time at school today!  The class recognised that Mrs Belt has purple glasses so we took a picture of the pink and purple glasses.  Room 19 then decided to write about them in our story today.

"Mele has pretty pink glasses, to help her see close up."