Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Athletics Day

On Friday the whole school had an Athletics Day.  We all really enjoyed the different rotations and Room 15 wrote about our experiences in class this week.  Check out some of our amazing stories:


On Friday it was athletics and my group did the high jump and the parachute. When the athletics were finished we went to lunch to eat. When lunch was over we went to the court because we were going to watch the relays. When we watched the relays we saw Mia's uncle race in the blue team and we cheered for him. When the relay was finished we went back to class to pack up the class. After we packed up we went back home to have some rest because we were tired.


On Friday it was amazing pt England did the Athletes and we did the 75 metres stations it was a lost of power but the 50 meters stations it was amazing because we were doing the best as we did the best as we can I love the Shotput it was amazing game the boys did not like the 75 metres it was the old game from 991 the 75 metres sprint.


On Friday at school we did athletics. We did lots of different stations and then it was the time to have a race battle with our class.  There was one girl and she came first in all the races and she never gave up. When it was time to see the kids vs teachers my friends uncle came and he signed up and after lunch the kids vs teachers started and the whole school made some rows to watch the races. After the race finished they went in a line and they were walking like a champion because champions never give up.


  1. Hello ,Rm 15. I am Arpit from Rm 9 Papakura central school. Looks like you had lots of fun on Your Athletics day. Do you know we also had Athletics day on Friday 11th November.
    I was just wondering What sports did you have on your Athletics day?

    1. Hi Arpit
      We did a variety of sports including gumboot throws, high jump, sprints, relays, softball throws and obstacle courses.
      Mrs Belt & Room 15

  2. Hi Rm 15,
    Wow, that's great. Looks like you all had a great time watching kids Vs teachers. we had Olympics day last term. It was fun too.


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