Friday, 14 October 2016

Tasting the bread

Today we wrote about our experiences tasting the bread and talked about why they all look and taste different.  All our stories are on our blogs, but check out these couple of examples:

On Wednesday my class tasted lots of different types of bread. Before we were allowed to eat the breads we had to take some photos and then put the photos onto my Explain Everything. Then we get a plate and get all the different types of bread and tasted it and smell it and then you have to feel it. After I finished those three things I had to write the names of the breads and write in how it feels and what it tasted and what it feels like and then you are finished. My favourite bread will be ciabatta because that is the one that i really like eating at my house.

On Tuesday we had 6 different breads made of different ingredients. Their was pita bread and it was so hard. It was cheesy but it was so good when room 15 ate the bread and we wrote  the different  ingredients. My favourite bread was the White bread because it has got different ingredients than the other bread. 

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  1. Hi Room 15
    I like what you drawed Jerry and your writing
    From Aween at papakura central school


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