Monday, 17 October 2016

Who stole the bread?

Today Room 15 were writing narratives, using our imagination to document who stole the bread?  We brainstormed some wonderful ideas, and then each learner was able to craft their story using either those ideas or their own.  Mrs Belt was really impressed with the range of ideas - check out a few here:


There was a  scary  man who took the bread and threw it in a  haunted maze.  Another man ran into  the haunted maze.  There were spiders and snakes.  He was afraid but he found the bread before he fell into a trap. His left arm was holding on to the edge and he pulled himself out of the trap.  He grabbed the bread and ate it before anyone else could steal it.


In my house I put my bread on the table. When it was night time I locked the doors and the  windows. When I was sleeping a  stranger came in my house and he took the bread that was on the table in the  kitchen . When I woke up I went in the kitchen and the bread that was on the table was gone.  I rang the police and I told them that a stranger came into my house and took the bread . After that when the police were coming to my house, the police saw the stranger at the park . The police took the stranger to jail and the police gave the bread back 
to me .


One day there was a miniature hobbit house .That hobbit house had a family in it. One rainy morning the mum and her pet horse went to the  shop. She got some bread and some milk and then the lady went lazily home with her horse. The lady was cooking the dinner for her family. Then a giant hand came through the door and took the bread. After the giant took the bread he went loudly back to his cave.When he got to his cave he felt really bad.So the next day he gave her bread back and they lived  happily ever after  .

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  1. Hi you writing was amazing could you tell me what was the best things about you story?


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