Thursday, 1 December 2016

Screen Minions

For the last few weeks, Zoe and Precious from Room 15 have been joining a few other learners from Team 3 and doing some screen printing with Mr Vogt.

They have really enjoyed the experience and their creations are amazing!  Check out some photos from their experience.


  1. Hi Zoe and precious your photo is amazing
    ...from Leah

  2. Kia ora Zoe and Precious,
    Your screen printing is looking great! I remember when I used to work at a Kindergarten, the children there LOVED screen printing. They used to do one image, wait for their screen print to dry and then add another image with a different colour on top! Did you do different layers on your screen print? What was the trickiest part? My kindergarten children used to find cutting out their shapes tricky!


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