Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Coding with Scratch

Today Room 15 were exploring coding using the app ScratchJr.  We had written stories yesterday so were using these to help us with characters and background.  We had to draw our own backgrounds and characters (rather than using the figures that come with the app).  A huge thanks to +Fiona Grant who came along and helped us with our coding.  It was a really engaging two hours.

Here are some of the wonderful creations from three of our learners - check out all our creations on our individual blogs!


Once upon a time there was to people that were in New York. Their names were Abigail and john. They were both at the market because there were going to buy something. Then they saw each other. John and Abigail were best cousins when they were little they also play on the park. They were jumping and jumping. Then they were both older and they played played on the park all day. John and Abigail played on the park when it was night time then they had to do all the dishes it take them to the dishes a minute and 1 hour to do it. Then it was the morning they do not wake up again because they done the dishes when it was nighttime. 


This is my coded scratch animation:


Once upon a time there was a fish called dory and a shark called Sam. They were in an ocean and they were best friends. They saw something moving and it was big and it was  Sam’s  dad called Parker and Dory’s mom called Rachel. When Rachel met Parker they become friends like Sam and Dory. Rachel said to Parker, do you want to come in my hotel and have a hot cup of coffee? and Parker said yes and dory and Sam went inside to play with the toys. When Sam got there with Dory, Sam said where is your toys and dory said it's in my cupboard and Sam said do you have any pets? Dory said no because Sam likes playing with pets and because they are so cute. When it was night Sam and his dad went back home to have dinner and have some sleep because they were tired.  When they got home they went upstairs and went in their room and Sam was playing his games because he wasn't tired but his dad was.


  1. Kia ora Room 15, I had fun learning with you yesterday. Great to see the drawings you created in Scratch turned into animations. Lots of problem solving too.
    Well done!
    From Mrs Grant

  2. Kia Ora Room 15, what awesome programmes you have created. I really like how you have used Scratch Jr to support your writing. I will keeping watching your blog to see what you do next.

  3. Kia ora Room 15,
    I am so impressed by your stories and the creations you have made with scratch! You have inspired me to explore Scratch Jnr further and to share what you have done with other Year 3 learners just like you in other parts of New Zealand. You have been very creative drawing your own pictures and I think they are WAY BETTER than any of the images in the app! Great work people, thanks for sharing.


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