Monday, 2 February 2015

Blast-off .... our first day!

Mrs Belt welcomed Riverson, Hendrix and Whare to Room 19 this morning.  The boys all started school today and we've had a great day, beginning with a tour of the school.  Mrs Nua and Ms George both visited our room during the day.

During our literacy time we worked on the alphabet and did reading for the very first time.  The boys are very keen to take their books home and read with their whanau.  

We spent some time building farms and zoos for our animals and we had some great conversations as we created.   Just before lunch we had some fun with counting and writing some numbers.   After lunch we enjoyed the polydron before it was time to head home for the day.  

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  1. What a cool as super fun day you boys had with Mrs Belt. Lucky guys getting to play all those neat games and read a book too.
    Your families will be very proud of all the stories you can share from your very first day at school.
    Miss King


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