Monday, 30 November 2015

A Special Session with our friends in Room 9

On Friday, Room 19 welcomed Room 9 into our classroom.  They interviewed us in the morning about what our favourite things were.  The answers provided were extremely varied and included rugby league, Superman, Frozen  and lego.

Room 9 then went away and created jigsaw puzzles based on the answers that Room 19 had provided.  After lunch they returned to our classroom with their creations.  They helped their younger friends from Room 19 to complete the puzzles and Room 19 were able to take the puzzles home.

Mrs Belt and Miss Wood really enjoyed seeing how much fun all the learners had and how the younger learners really enjoyed making friends with their older peers.  We finished our special session with an ice block treat outside in the sunshine!

Thank you Room 9 for the amazing effort you put into the puzzles for us!  We think you are awesome.

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