Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The First Day in Room 15

It was great to welcome back all the learners to Pt England this morning and hear about some wonderful holidays.

Mrs Belt really enjoyed welcoming learners to Room 15 today and we started to establish some of the classroom routines.  One of the first tasks was to meet in our table groups and decide on our group names.

This term our focus is again the Pt England Way, with a superhero twist.  Mrs Belt has already shared her Superman cape with some learners that worked really hard on Day 1.  This will continue to be one of the many rewards for trying hard in Room 15.

As our day came to a close Mrs Belt took a photo of the learners who were present today, so without further ado, the learners of Room 15:


  1. What a mighty fine bunch of clever people you are Room 15. I know you and Mrs Belt will have a wonderful year.

    1. Thanks Mrs Burt! We are really looking forward to sharing our learning with the world and receiving their comments.

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