Sunday, 26 July 2015

Meeting Harold

Room 19 had their last session in the Life Education Classroom with Harold on Friday.  We learnt about the different foods we can eat for each meal to make us healthy, strong and give us energy.

The learners in Room 19 were particularly excited to pat Harold at the end of the session, and Mrs Belt captured this on camera!  We will be writing some stories for our individual blogs this week - check them out later in the week!


  1. Good on yous room 19 your movie with Harold was great great go room 19 yay

  2. Hi Em 19 I like your movie about the life ED bus. You guys are lucky because you guys get to pet harold !!!. My favourite part of your movie is when you guys were talking about healthy food. Keep up the great work RM 19 :>

    From: Amelia


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