Monday, 20 July 2015

Our Holidays

It was great to hear what the learners in Room 19 did over the holidays during writing time today.  Here are a few of the exciting things that were shared:

"I played rugby with my big brother."

I went to the shop and bought a Christmas tree."

"I went to the pools with my Aunty and Uncle."

"I wrote a diary about my holiday."

"I played games with my brother."

"I went to my Nana's."

"I went to my cousins birthday at Rainbows End."

"I went to the movies."

"I went to the beach."

"I drew pictures with my Mum."

"I played with my friends at the park."

It definitely sounds like some great experiences.  We are looking forward to writing about new experiences this term in Room 19.  

The first of these comes tomorrow when we get to visit Harold in the Life Education van for the first time.

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