Friday, 21 October 2016

Exploring Yeast

As part of our inquiry focus this term, Room 15 have been exploring the ingredients that make bread.  Today we were looking at yeast and what reactions and changes occur when added to warm water and sugar.

Here are some photos and a few of the stories created by the learners in Room 15.  Check out their blogs for more!


Yesterday we did some experiment we had   Five Different  things we had sugar and warm water   and we  put  our experiment on the  heater and the  next day there was water in it and my  teacher told Leah to go and   take the Jar and tamped it all out and she told some people to came and did some things with her.


Yesterday room 15 was making yeast the ingredients was warm water and sugar and yeast and we use the measuring spoon. When we finish our yeast we had to put it beside the heater after school we looked at it. When it was morning we looked at it. After that we smell the yeast and when we smell the yeast we had to put our bags and lunchbox away. This morning when the second bell was gone we had to go on the mat and line up in the front of the door. When we lined up we went to the assembly. When we went to the assembly we had to sit down. After the assembly it look like there was foam on top and then the foam sunk down again.

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