Monday, 10 October 2016

Immersion Assembly

Following our Immersion Assembly today, Room 15 wrote about the things they enjoyed most.  All our stories will publish on our individual blogs over the coming days, but Mrs Belt is sharing some on our Class Blog here:

At the Immersion assembly there were lots of people doing explosions with lot of different tools. When it was time for team 5 to come up there was a man called Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom and his slave. His slave  put water balloons on Mrs Tele’as  head twice and that was funny. Then after Mrs Tele'as turn it was Miss Berry's  turn and  Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom’s slave was shacking a can and opened it up and the drink went every where like an explosion but Miss Berry put on some goggles and it was so funny and cool too.  
- by Precious

At the Assembly  this morning we were watching some funny videos.
Team 1 is learning about old nicest witches.
Team 2 is learning about cooking.Team 3 is learning about science.
Team 4 is learning about pt England myth busters.
Team 5 is learning about liquid and gas or solids.
My favourite part was when I got to eat a sweet corn  pandcake.
Later on we sang Ch-ch - ch -ch-changes soing.
The assembly was good.
- by Deejay

At the assembly people ate pancakes. I love pancakes. Pancakes  are yummy and if I ate one it will be yummy. I like team threes movie. In team threes movie we were learning about cooking so they showed a movie how to make food. Team 5 had a lovely movie. Mr  Fuzzy  Wuzzy  told his slave to do stuff for him.  He told his slave  to put the water balloon  on top of Mrs Tele’as head.  Then he told her to put the two  drinks on Miss Berry's  face. At the end he told her to the ice inside Miss Clarke's shirt. Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy Vottom tricked her and put a water balloon  on her head.
- by Bradley

In the  immersion assembly the whole school of Pt England went to the assembly because there was something special. When the whole school got there Mr Burt and Mrs Nua said where is Mrs Garden and Mr J. When Mr Burt stopped talking we heard an explosion. Then Mr J was running and he fell down on the stage.  We all started laughing at him. Then Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy  Vottom said to us this is my science partner, Mrs slave. Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy and Mrs slave bought a fuzzy drink and water balloons. First up was Mrs Tele’a.  Mrs slave dropped two water balloons on Mrs Tele’as head. She got wet! Next up was Miss Berry and Mrs slave splashed two Pepsi cans in her face. When they were finished they had to wipe their faces and get off the stage. The audience were laughing and laughing.
- by Leah

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