Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Well done Ozzy!!

Last term we enjoyed having Hiwi the Kiwi visit Pt England School.  There was a school wide competition to win a fishing rod.  To participate, learners needed to write a story about the messages that the Minstrel delivered during his show.  It was awesome that Ozzy from Room 15 won the prize.  Today he collected his reward - we're looking forward to hearing about all the fish that Ozzy catches.

Here is Ozzy's competition winning writing along with the picture he carefully created in his own time at home:

If you go fishing at the beach you will need to buy five sunscreen. You have to take your life jacket and a fish ruler to measure the fish. When you catch a fish you will have to put it in the bucket  with ice and you will have to get some of the saltwater. You will need to put your glove on. When you hold the fish with your fish glove you will need to put a wet towel under the fish so it doesn't get bad. It is important  to make sure  the seagulls do not eat the plastic. Take the plastic away from the seagulls and if you see plastic in the water you will need to get it. In the water scare the seagull and do not kill it with a bucket of water.  Only scare it with your water blaster gun if you have one scare it.

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