Monday, 24 October 2016

Narrative Writing: Caves

At the end of last week, Room 15 were doing some narrative writing about caves.  All our writing is on our individual blogs and Mrs Belt has chosen a few to share on our class blog.

A long time ago there was a huge cave.On winter the 22 there was a group of glad tigers.They were looking for a home so they looked and they that cave.They moved into the cave and they liked it.It was a bet cold but they still liked it.Some of them went to get the rest of the pack they said ok.When they went back they loved it they said it a was cool.They were all happy then a few weeks later there was a flud they stared to run.But one of the tigers were sleeping they tried to wack him to get him up then he got up.They were lucky after the flud they walked  meny miles to see if there was any were to live. After a few days they found another cave and they loved it. 

They were a little boy who went into a wicked cave they were bats he walked and it was night lad down he woke up he saw the. Little boy he saw a caveman he was very very afraid he thought a rock at the caveman. He ran away very fast and he said that was so close one and he ran back home.

Once upon a time there was a cave it was scary and spooky in the cave there was a dragon was in the cave and the dragon was a sleeping in the cave. When the dragon woken up and the dragon was a boy his name was tj. Tj was jumping up and down. When tj a sew a never dragon and tj was in love with her. When she went past him she came back to tj and she said hi tj said what is your name she said my name… My name is cj I like your name it a cool name. When they met they saw fifteen grizzly bears tj and cj don't got kill some of the bear don't got kill they ran for the dragon bets TJ and Ci had bat in the cave.


  1. Bonjour Room 15.
    Great Writing There Guys, Nice Drawing as well looks awesome.
    Jayden Room 9 Papakura Central School.

  2. Kiora room 15.
    Great writing I like all the hard work you have put in it.
    Lily -Papakura-centrel-school.

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